Monday, February 28, 2011

Shootin' the Hooch with our pooch!

The Chattahoochee River, that is! And we didn't exactly "shoot" either... Apparently that's the slang version of tubing down the river. I must not be a true Atlantan yet, because I learned that little phrase from a friend who spent the summer here for an internship from NJ! (Hey, Chelsea!)

Anyway, this past weekend, Atlanta's temperatures reached into the mid-70s. And can I also add that there was zero humidity? ::Doing a happy dance:: We woke up early (well, early for a Saturday morning... technically we slept in), loaded the Millster into the car and headed for the river! 

We let Millie play in the water when we first got there. She found a friend immediately and it was hard to break them apart. Of course, I totally forgot to take pictures of that. Or maybe I didn't take pictures because I'm still the nervous pup-mommy that hates when her dog is off the leash? I'll never tell. :)

We went on a walk through the park and let Millie jump in the water a few times then as well...

Notice the leash is on at this point? ;)

...And thank goodness it was! The current was a little stronger than her little doggie legs could paddle!

I realize that Millie has a biased mom and dad, but isn't she the cutest lab you've ever seen? :)

That trip was well deserved, too. Millie was spayed two weeks ago... remember that pitiful picture? After being cooped up in the house for 12 days straight, she couldn't wait to get out and play! Really. She told me so! In fact, after almost 3 hours at the park, she slept for the remainder of the afternoon without a peep! That'a girl!

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