Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Working on my New Year's Resolution (Again)

I realize that I just kind of disappeared over the last month, but I believe I have pretty decent excuse(s) for the temporary hiatus. Here is the last month in a nutshell:

In the beginning of March, I went on vacation with the family I work for. The internet was quite hit-or-miss where we were, which translates to: Terrible for blog-writing. Plus, who wants to write blogs when the clear blue ocean is just 15 steps from you? (Sadly, I do actually. But I digress...) Then, as soon as I came back, we started our move into the house. It has definitely taken more time than we had thought. Between painting and organizing, a lot goes into a move from a small apartment to a house with more than one room! We also squeezed in a quick trip to Jacksonville to celebrate my nephew, Luke's, 5th birthday. Busy, busy! Nonetheless, I apologize for my lack of updates.

I will be back (very soon) with a whole lotta new details about the future-Johnson's lives. That is why you're here, right? Or is it boredom? Or just the unhealthy obsession with reading blogs (like me!)? Either way, thank you (as always!) for reading!

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