Monday, February 28, 2011

Shootin' the Hooch with our pooch!

The Chattahoochee River, that is! And we didn't exactly "shoot" either... Apparently that's the slang version of tubing down the river. I must not be a true Atlantan yet, because I learned that little phrase from a friend who spent the summer here for an internship from NJ! (Hey, Chelsea!)

Anyway, this past weekend, Atlanta's temperatures reached into the mid-70s. And can I also add that there was zero humidity? ::Doing a happy dance:: We woke up early (well, early for a Saturday morning... technically we slept in), loaded the Millster into the car and headed for the river! 

We let Millie play in the water when we first got there. She found a friend immediately and it was hard to break them apart. Of course, I totally forgot to take pictures of that. Or maybe I didn't take pictures because I'm still the nervous pup-mommy that hates when her dog is off the leash? I'll never tell. :)

We went on a walk through the park and let Millie jump in the water a few times then as well...

Notice the leash is on at this point? ;)

...And thank goodness it was! The current was a little stronger than her little doggie legs could paddle!

I realize that Millie has a biased mom and dad, but isn't she the cutest lab you've ever seen? :)

That trip was well deserved, too. Millie was spayed two weeks ago... remember that pitiful picture? After being cooped up in the house for 12 days straight, she couldn't wait to get out and play! Really. She told me so! In fact, after almost 3 hours at the park, she slept for the remainder of the afternoon without a peep! That'a girl!

Sunday, February 27, 2011


You know how Oprah would announce to her audience all of the awesome prizes they got to take home?

Oprah: "You're all going home with a copy of John Mayer's new CD!!!!!"
Audience: ::Clapping, Screaming::

She would say it in such a way that it didn't matter what she was giving away, the audience was so excited. I mean, I'd even be thrilled and I was sitting on my couch, not bringing home the awesome gift. I'm not the only person, right?

Ok, now pretend that I'm Oprah, while I yell...

"Adam and I are moving into our first hommmeee!!!!" :)

Are you excited? I mean, my Oprah impression helped, right? Ok, ok... I guess it's not nearly as exciting to all of you as it is to us, but just play along, ok?

We have been searching for our new abode for about three months now. It started with looking at houses in the suburbs, to bigger apartments than we're in now, to hi-rises downtown and then back to houses. But this time the house is actually still in Atlanta! It's in a suburb-y area, but only about 10 minutes from downtown, which is fantastic! The other cool thing? It's closer to work for both of us! Score!

Here is our adorable three bedroom cottage... (And Adam modeling it for us...)

Yes, cottage. That's what it said in the ad and I'm stickin' to it!

Oh, be still my heart... I honestly think I was born in the wrong era! Old charm just makes me giddy. I love that the house hasn't been fully updated inside since it was built in 1947. Seriously, it's old. There are nice hardwood floors (phew!) and a new roof (double phew!), but for the most part everything is... old. And my heart couldn't be happier! Modern homes are oh, so nice (and probably a thousand times easier to work with), but it's not for us. Not right now, anyways.

We picked out paint colors for all of the rooms and started on the living/dining room today...

Thanks to all of John and Sherry's fabulous DIY information over at Young House Love, we were able to get in and out of Lowe's quickly, buying only exactly what we needed. We had about 45 minutes to work on it today.

This is the living room (before we started to paint):

And the living/dining room after:

Not too shabby... I cannot wait to get in there and get'er done! (Yes, I did just say that.) Obviously we have all of the trim left in this room, as well as the kitchen, bathroom, hallway and bedrooms to fully paint. I honestly love to paint, though, so those are not projects that I'm dreading. :)

We're not going to be updating anything kitchen/bathroom-wise because we're renting. As great of a time as it is to buy right now, we're just not ready for that big move. And I think that new crisp walls is all the TLC this little home needs anyway!

My next goal? Buying a new camera! Seriously. I am so tired of dull, blurry pictures. And I'm sure you all are too!

Hope your weekend was fabulous!
We had some b-e-a-utiful weather here in Atlanta, so we took Millie out to the Chattahoochee River. Blog post to come... ;)

Monday, February 21, 2011


The rest of our engagement pictures have been posted! If you're not sick of looking at us yet, then click here!

Thanks for stoppin' by!

Rehearsal Dinner

Another item has been crossed off the list!

A couple of weekends ago when Adam and I were in Jacksonville, we checked out the University Club. I had never been there before, so I was quite impressed when I walked in the door! It is located at the top of the Wells Fargo building downtown. I think it is going to be a great location, especially for our out-of-town guests. You can't beat a beautiful view of downtown!

Adam's mom is on the ball! Her organization from Ryan and Marla's (Adam's brother and sister-in-law) wedding is outstanding. She has saved everything from their rehearsal dinner, so it is extremely helpful for planning ours! I'm excited for all the festivities!

Next on the list is bridesmaid dresses. Luckily, our J. Crew here has the bridal collection in their store. It's by appointment only, so I made one for this Sunday to look at/try on their bridesmaid options. I'm looking forward to either crossing them off the list or having them as the dresses!

Happy Monday! Here's to hoping for a smooth and fast week!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentine's Day

I feel like there is so much I want to share with you! As an avid blog reader, though, I know that one looonnggg blog (once a week-ish) is not nearly as awesome as reading 1-2 blogs every day-ish. So...

I'll start with talking about the holiday that people spend an average of $77.43 on every year. Yep, you read that right. And yep, I do know fun facts like that. In fact, the reason I know that is because it was a trivia question that I answered correctly and won an iTunes gift card for! (I'll admit, though... there were four options for me to choose from.) Still impressive... right?

Valentine's Day is just like any other day in the year to me. My boss said it perfectly, "I'd rather you tell me you love me on all the other days of the year when the rest of the world isn't saying it." 

Any how, that day is still fun for kids. Remember giving (and receiving!) Valentine's from your classmates? You should have seen the goodies the boys brought home! And on top of that, I made cupcakes with them. Who doesn't love a little baking and decorating fun?

Any excuse to bake cupcakes is a good excuse to me! And I didn't eat one! ...But I did lick a little bit of the icing... Yummy!

Out of the 30 cupcakes that were baked, the boys were willing to sacrifice three, so I could decorate some for Adam. Adorable, if I do say so myself! :)

And I'll leave you guys with this pitiful, yet slightly funny photo of Millie. She was spayed last week... And not very happy about it! Thank goodness the sutures come out on Monday!

Thanks for reading, y'all!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We are in love...

...with our engagement pictures!

Armosa Studios, you make me smile!

As you will read on their blog, Tera and Wes instantly became close friends. Not only am I thankful for their expertise in photography, but for their humble and genuine qualities. These are two people that I know I will be friends with forever.

Oh, and I think it's absolutely fantastic that they willingly canceled their cable and internet. People think Adam and I are crazy for not having either, but we've finally found two folks that feel the same way as us! Yes, we still surf the good ole' world wide web... And yes, we still watch tv shows and movies... We just have more time for us and less time for that.

Please continue to check back. I know I have slacked in the update department recently, but I promise it will start to get better soon. And I don't make promises I can't keep. (Remember my New Year's resolution?) :)