Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snapshot Sunday

Warning: This, most likely, will not be a regular thing. :) But the title fit, so I went with it...

(Again, terrible Blackberry picture, but...)

Millie sure does love her daddy!
She was just hangin' out, lickin' his head... Ya know, no big deal. :)

How was everyone's weekend?

Rumor has it that we're supposed to get about 5" of snow tonight and into tomorrow. At some point it is going to turn into rain/ice. The Weather Channel is calling it a Wintry Mix. Sounds magical! Ha! :) I'm just excited to see snow again! I went to Target yesterday (which also has a Kroger in the same parking lot) and it was crazy! You would think that we're going to be stuck in our houses for WEEKS. Come on, people... No need to freak out. :)

I'll be back tomorrow (hopefully) with some pictures of the Millster playing in the snow. Let's hope it sticks to the ground!

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