Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Well, just like most things that we anticipate... Christmas has come and gone. Although the time with friends and family are over so quickly, we do have a TON to look forward to in 2011. Official wedding countdown? 10 months and 19 days... Wowzers! When Adam proposed, we had 15 months of planning in front of us! It really is amazing how fast time goes by. I'm not complaining... yet! :)

Adam and I went home to Jacksonville for Christmas. Adam's family (anyone else think of the theme song when they read that?) rents a condo for three nights now that all of the "kids" are grown -- Last year we were in Amelia Island and this year was Palm Coast. I have to say, it is so very nice and relaxing! We didn't get to relax too much, though, because we traveled back and forth to Jacksonville to spend Christmas Eve night and Christmas morning with my parents. Nonetheless, it was definitely a very nice Holiday for us!

Millie loves her slipper that Aunt Marina and Uncle Bobby bought for her!

Unfortunately, Adam had to head back to Atlanta for work Monday morning. Millie and I stayed behind and spent a few more nights with my parents. She has definitely made herself at home here...

(A little back story behind the shoe box in Millie's crate...) When we bought her cage, it didn't come with a divider to change the size as needed. Instead of returning and buying a different one, we decided to use a bin with my shoes in it. You know, because dogs don't like to use the bathroom where they have to sleep? Well, lo and behold, she has found that she can climb on top of it! We think it's the funniest thing... And believe it or not, she hasn't had an accident inside her crate at all! (Knocking on wood...) We like to call her crate, "The Townhouse"... and when she is on top of the shoe box, she is "upstairs"... :)

Millie has also taken a special liking to my dad. Aka: Pop Pop

We all almost wet our pants the first time she did this. She jumped so high, she almost went over his head!

Millie loves her nanny too...

I will be heading back home first thing tomorrow morning. Adam's brother, Aaron, will be flying in to spend NYE in Atlanta. We're looking forward to a fun weekend!

Have a safe and Happy New Year's Eve!


  1. Millie is awesome! Hope you had a Happy New Year. Did Aaron throw up on himself after drinking to much champagne?

  2. Love the townhouse. Such a good name for it. Hope you enjoyed the holidays. You know there's another Pop Pop in the family? That's what we're calling David's dad.

  3. Chris and Meghan: We'll have to let Millie meet Ruckus and Mayhem soon! They'd have a blast together. Plus, we can't wait to meet Nora! Oh, and everyone kept their drinks down this year, thank goodness! :)

    Kim: I love that Uncle Cliffy is referred to as Pop pop also! I'll have to tell my parents. Hope you guys had a wonderful holiday! XO!