Saturday, October 1, 2011


Last weekend Adam and I went to Jacksonville for what I thought was a mini-getaway for he and I. Boy, was I wrong! He told me that he got a bed-and-breakfast for us in St. Augustine and that we would head down there around noon on Saturday because he planned a brunch for us. I was only told one thing: to wear a "nice dress." If you know me at all, you know that I'm a planner. I like to know what is happening, at what time and how it will all work. I need to be in control of the situation. Adam is so far from being a planner that it's actually funny. When he wouldn't tell ONE thing about the weekend, I slightly stressed. And in the midst of wedding planning? What was he thinking?! I learned something about myself that weekend: I need to let go. Let go of things that are out of my control. Let go even when things are in my control. Learn to trust that everything will always work out perfectly -- just the way it's supposed to.

Turns out, our little "getaway" was my surprise bridal shower. And... man, oh man, was I surprised!

(Thank you to Mary and Tom for snapping such awesome pictures!)

I am so humbled to be surrounded by such fantastic women in my life. How did I get so lucky? And I'm gaining even more wonderful women by marrying into such an amazing family! Thank you to everyone that contributed to that wonderful day, both near and far!

I highly recommend!

Yum! Isn't all this food making you hungry?

The best raspberry champagne I have ever had!

I love my flower girl!

Adam's mom passed down their family Bible to us. The most heartfelt gift I have ever received!

That afternoon went by so fast and I feel like I didn't even get to talk to everyone that was there! Now I understand why they say your wedding will go with a blink of an eye. Thank you again for everyone who was a part of this wonderful day! A big thank you to my bridal party, my mom, future MIL and Aunt Marina!


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