Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Rain, rain go away...

Come again another day.
The wedding bells want to play.
Rain, rain go away.

So, I've been a pretty calm bride. I mean, I know I'm talking about myself here, but honestly not much has bothered me.
The bustle on my dress will probably be stepped on and rip at the reception? I figured as much.
Some people that RSVP'd 'yes' might not show up? Eh, it's expected.
We might not get a chance to eat at the reception? Who cares? It's our WEDDING reception!
But tell me that there's a 60% chance of rain on the day we're getting married and I'm a wreck. Not because I'm worried about my hair getting messed up or my dress getting wet, but because I want beautiful pictures.
That, and if I hear one more person say how God has blessed so-and-so with such a beautiful wedding day, I may punch them. I lost my faith for a second today when I cried in my own pity party about the 10-day forecast, but then my best friend slapped me back to reality. And my sister and mom always know what to say, too. (Thank you mom, Traci and Mandy!) Yes, I'm a Christian and yes, I believe in God. And I pray. A lot. But I have a VERY hard time believing that God would give someone rain on their wedding day. Oh, and the first person I emailed when I checked the weather? My photographer. And what did she say back to me? "Adam will be waiting for you at the end of that aisle. That is your goal." REALITY CHECK! Thank you, thank you! There are many things I can control about this day, but Mother Nature is NOT one of them.
So, all of this to say that if it does rain, I WILL embrace it. Photos of kissing in the rain? What girl doesn't want that? Cute umbrellas make great props, too. Whew!

Can you believe that in nine days we will be Mr. and Mrs. Adam Johnson? I just got chills typing that. Ah!

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