Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Every single day, even multiple times a day, I think of blogs to write. Sometimes I jot down a few words to remember what I wanted to say. Sometimes I text myself so I don't forget what I wanted to write. I do this all. the. time. Yet, I don't have time to sit down and write one decent blog daily. What gives? Needless to say, I have lots of saved drafts in my mailbox that I do plan on writing. At some point.

I do have one quick little update: That adorable house that Adam and I are living in? Yeah... We won't be living in it much longer. We've officially broken our lease for more than one reason, but the main one is bugs. Yes, you read that right. I guess that goes along with the whole house-hasn't-been-updated-since-it-was-built-in-1947-thing. Eh, lesson learned. It's gross, though, and we have a landlord that won't fix it, so we're taking our happy little family elsewhere. :) So, when we're ready to have some babies (in like 8 years, don't get any ideas), we'll look at houses again. Houses that we're willing to buy.

Thanks to the neat little stats tab, I do know that people (!!!) are checking regularly. Thank you! If I could have a dream job, it would be writing. I love everything about it. Except that my current schedule doesn't allow for it. I'm really trying to work on that...

And since every blog post needs a picture...

I don't know about all of you, but I am ready for summer. My poor skin needs a tan. A healthy one, of course! Make sure you're using that spf!

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