Thursday, April 21, 2011

A week in the life of...

I had a friend email me the other day (Hey, Jerrica!) and the very last thing she wrote looked a little something like this:


That means people one person is actually regularly stopping by! Wohoo!

Nonetheless, I'm here to show you some of the things that have taken my time away from writing...

Forgive me, I'm terrible at remembering to take before AND after pictures. In my head, it's before OR after pictures. :)

We refinished a dresser that was given to us from Adam's brother and his wife. Which was originally given to them from Adam's parents. We're thrifty like that...

Here's the after picture:

We also bought a washer and dryer last week.

Like our floors? Yeah, me too. (Did you sense the sarcasm?) 

And since we live in a 1940's house, our outlets didn't allow for the four-prong plugs. So off to Home Depot we went, to buy the updated wires. Then we installed them in the kitchen- (yes, we will be doing laundry in the same place we scramble our eggs. I guess that's how they did it back in the day? Adam's mom teased that someone is going to have burnt bottoms one day. I hope that never comes true!) Since the machine wires are rather large, and the space we have for them is rather flat, we had an issue that looked a little something like this:

This is why they make laundry rooms. But have no fear, I created a solution! This is where the after-picture would come in, but again, it slipped my mind. No worries, though, I'll just post it on the next blog. You know, in two weeks. Ha. Ha.

Other than that, this has also been occupying our time...

Look closely, that's Millie in the back. Adam just bought a 4runner (yay for an SUV!) and we've been taking Millie to the river/park every weekend. She loves it!

And Monday-Friday...

Except this is a more accurate picture of my work day:

(Those adorable children were found on google.)

And last, but certaintly not least, wedding shopping...

The next post will be about these lovelies and my centerpiece plans.

How many of you have three or four-day weekends? I actually have a five-day! That's right, I'm typing this from my mom and dad's house. Aka: I'm in Jacksonville for the long weekend! And I'm making the best of it. Dentist appointment, hair appointment, bakery appointment (for the wedding cake, y'all!), wedding dress appointment and bridesmaid dress appointment!!! I'm so excited... And I just can't hide it... Anyone else singing now, too?

Thanks for droppin' in... Now go make the most of your day!

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