Saturday, September 11, 2010

Venues and Dresses and Caterers, OH MY!

I apologize for the lack of updates. I flew to Jacksonville for the long weekend and didn't have one spare second to even breathe. I am definitely not complaining, though. I loved every minute of it!

The main point of the weekend was to check out a couple of venues and go DRESS shopping! So, on Saturday morning, my mom, sister, aunt and I went to look at two venues and then did about 3 hours of dress shopping. I say, with great pleasure, that I found the dress. I wish I could post a picture for the whole world to see, but unfortunately, Adam likes to take a looksy at the blog from time-to-time. I can say, however, that if I wouldn't be strangely out of place, I would wear that beautiful gown every day from now until... well, forever! :)

I wish that the venue shopping was just as satisfying. This is quite a difficult process! I thought I would walk in, fall in love and put a deposit down. Yeah... no. Adam and I did some research before I travelled last weekend and we found two places that we LOVED.

1. The Keeler Property
It's brand new... check out the story here. Such a cute idea...

2. The White Room

After looking at those two venues, we all decided that I definitely needed to look at many more, especially to compare the total package at the end of the day. So, with that being said, there are about 15 venues that we are looking at right now. I wish Jacksonville had a little bit more to offer- the venues that we like have either been used by other brides that I know, are too pricey or are missing the charm. I think I'm going to build my own venue in Jax. Anybody in? :)

That's the news on my end. How was everybody's Labor Day weekend?


  1. I think every bride that has to get married in Jacksonville has that same idea, to build a venue and make millions. You truly realize there's not a whole lot in jacksonville in the relm of weddings. Good luck! We're so excited for you two, this is such an awesome time together so enjoy it! :)

  2. Thank you! Seriously, we should all get together and build a venue. We know exactly what we need! There are so many beautiful places here in Atlanta... and they're very affordable! WHY can't we have that in Jacksonville?! Well, I may contact you for your creative-ness! I love the projects that you've posted. Hope to see you guys soon!

  3. I went to a wedding in Chicago that was so unique I told Mike(my husband) I wanted to do the same in a small quaint town in Michigan. It was perfect. Very plain, but perfect.
    Hi, I am Adams Aunt Lil. My daughter, Pam, had a blog while living in Germany, I really enjoyed it.

  4. And now you know why I wore my dress more times then I can count between my wedding day and they day I got it boxed up 2 years later!! How do people box up their dresses so quickly?? I had to be "prepared" to box it up and never wear it again. Weird? lol.

  5. Ok, and obviously THAT post was written by Deana...not Jim. We would have serious troubles if he was wearing my wedding dress....

  6. Hi, Aunt Lil! I am so sorry I am just seeing this... 3 months later! I used to get email notification when I had a new comment and I don't anymore- very strange! It was wonderful to hear from you! Thank you for reading!

    Dee- same goes to you... I'll be better about the comments now! :) and yes, I will definitely have a hard time boxing my dress up too! Btw, my veil came in yesterday!!! Ahhh! :)