Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Ultimate Wedding Organizer

After receiving 5 bridal magazines as a gift from my sister (Thanks, Tra... you're amazing!), I started to realize I needed something to organize all of the pictures/articles/to-do lists that I was finding while browsing through them. I started my research by typing in "wedding organizer" on Google, which lead me to find "The Ultimate Wedding Organizer"... Seriously, take a look at this thing...

Awesome, right? Yeah, I thought so too... Until I saw the price! With shipping, it was going to cost $113. Coming from a girl who loves DIY projects, I decided to do a little more research and then head to Target (where else is a girl to shop?!) to see if I could put this little ditty together myself! Well, then I came across this nifty wedding organizer...

Let's just say I fell in love immediately... It's khaki (a color that will be incorporated into the wedding), it can be personalized (love that!), it zips shut (keeping everything crisp and new... ya know, to help with the OCD in me!) and it was a fraction of the cost. Plus I had a 15% off coupon for the store that sold it (score!). While it may not have everything the other one did, she is going to fit right at home with me! This darling organizer has been purchased and should be delivered Monday, the 30th! Who's excited?!

Once she arrives, I will still be making that trip to Target to buy extra paper, clear plastic sleeves, dividers, etc. It was really just the cute carrying case that sold me, but a little help in the wedding-planning department couldn't hurt either! ;)

So that's our wedding excitement for this week! Can't you guys just see Adam jumping up-and-down with me as soon as it arrives?! :)


  1. May I ask where you found your wedding organizer at???

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